With No Clue What to Do, This Guy Got Added to a Live Belly Dancing Segment on FOX Morning TV

When this guy‘s mom asked him to help round out the numbers for her belly dancing performance on the FOX Morning show, he gladly volunteered. Little did he know he would show up to the studio, and they would start the music as soon as he walked on stage, and no one would tell him what to do. Like all great stage performers, he did the best thing he knew how: he improvised. This is the result:

I have to hand it to him, I probably would have done much worse, myself… But then, I probably wouldn‚Äôt have gotten myself on live TV with no shirt, wearing a turban. Yikes… talk about cringe-worthy! I‚Äôd be so embarrassed! Seriously though, congrats¬†to this guy for being able to laugh at himself.

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