Watch This Guy Build an Impressive Mud House Using Only His Bare Hands

Need a break from today’s crazy news? Take a few moments to watch this guy build a hut in the woods using only his bare hands. There’s something oddly satisfying about this video. It’s edited at just the right pace to keep you interested, and I love the fact that there’s no annoying commentary or soundtrack. I could watch this all day!

When asked how long it took to build, here was the answer he gave:

9 months from start to finish (about a month of actual work). It could be done much faster though. I abandoned it for a few months after finishing the walls. Also my advice is to use bark for the roof from the start rather than using leaves first- it makes a much better roof with less time and effort. Build the roof first so you have some shelter from the rain and then build the walls- this is how I build my huts.

If you want to see more like this video, you can check out his Primitive Technology YouTube channel.

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