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This Outrageously Dated Film Shows Just How Far Women Have Come since the Sexist World of 1962.

The newsreel company British Pathé  uploaded its entire collection - over 85,000 historical videos - to YouTube earlier this week. There are some real gems in there, including this hilariously dated clip entitled “Stolen from Men.” This clip is amazing because it shows so many ways the world has changed since 1962 - and not just the fashion!

This historical film clip was released as a light-hearted piece about new trends in women’s fashion, but today it feels dated for the way it portrays gender roles.

The basic premise is that everything women do, men did first!

From copying men’s hats to stealing their car varnish for nail polish, women steal everything!

Watch for yourself:

There you have it, women of the world: everything you have was stolen from men! Hope you feel sorry for all that theft! Clips like this are almost like miniature time capsules. What seemed normal then seems out of place now.

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