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Surfer Ryan Lovelace and His Girlfriend Turned This Vintage Bus into a Stunning Home on Wheels

If I had the time on my hands, I’d be doing this. Surfer Ryan Lovelace bought an old vintage bus, and converted it into a wonderful living space with the help of his girlfriend and his buddies. I’m so jealous!

Surfer Ryan Lovelace bought this old vintage bus, with plans to turn it into a home on wheels…


Ryan Lovelace

He started by cutting a huge hole in the rear to make space for a bedroom loft.


Ryan Lovelace

Then he welded a support frame for the bed…


Ryan Lovelace

For the loft, he used custom recycled windows to look out of…


Ryan Lovelace

And he had some help from his friends…


Ryan Lovelace

… meanwhile his dog kept a lookout in the shade.


Ryan Lovelace

The walls were made from recycled wood … actually from George Lucas’s old house!


Ryan Lovelace

His girlfriend painted the floor with a custom pattern…


Ryan Lovelace

… and the inspiration for the floor came from someplace special.


Ryan Lovelace

They built a tiny functional kitchen…


Ryan Lovelace

… and they named the bus Ophelia.


Ryan Lovelace

She’s looking pretty good inside…


Ryan Lovelace

… and the dog approves of the sleeping loft.


Ryan Lovelace

The finished product is truly something worth seeing.


Ryan Lovelace

That’s such an amazing labor of love! They worked so hard on this bus, and now they get to drive it to all their surfing spots. If I ever get fired from my job, now I know exactly what I’m going to do with my time…

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