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Stunning Photos of Whiskey Under a Microscope

Phoenix-based photographer Ernie Button has discovered a whole new world of photographic subjects: the dried up remains of whiskey at the bottom of the glass. It may look like photos from NASA, but these are not images from the hubble telescope - these are shots taken under a microscope. The results are truly incredible!

This may look like an alien landscape, but it’s something else…


Ernie Button

These photos are close ups of dried whiskey, under a microscope!


Ernie Button

Each type of whiskey leaves a unique and different print when it dries…


Ernie Button

… they are almost like the fingerprints, identifying each type of whiskey…


Ernie Button

… and just like snowflakes, no two whiskeys are alike.


Ernie Button

Artist Ernie Button had the idea for these photos when he saw dried film around the bottom of the glass in the dishwasher…


Ernie Button

… so he took out his microscope lens, and started snapping pictures…


Ernie Button

The results are truly incredible!


Ernie Button


Ernie Button

What’s so amazing about these photos is the way they resemble landscapes and extra-terrestrial planets. I love when the world at small scale reflects the world at the largest scales. It really makes you stop and think about how crazy this universe really is. And that beauty is truly something worth sharing.

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