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Horse Head Squirrel Feeders!

This might be the greatest trend of inventions I’ve ever seen. Some innovative people have developed the most amusing form of feeding squirrels. Ranging from low-tech and DIY to mass-manufactured and commercially available, the creative possibilities for Squirrel feeders are endless.

This squirrel is looking for some food left inside this old pumpkin.



These two squirrels are enjoying the food left inside these coconuts by British farmer Jane Roberts.


Jane Roberts

This big head squirrel feeder is equally amazing!


Archie McPhee

Pop some peanuts in a horse mask feeder, and you’ve got instant fun!


Zielinski Creative

If you’re interested in buying the horse-head feeder, here’s where they got theirs. Personally, I’d like to see a unicorn feeder, or maybe a ravenous bear-head feeder. I’m sure if we give it enough time the market will respond to this demand. :)

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