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Someone Printed “The Invisible Man” as an Invisible Book

Wow, this is really some incredible craftsmanship. Reddit user cuddlebadger printed an invisible copy of The Invisible Man. The whole project cost him $50 from start to finish. Check it out:

This invisible copy of The Invisible Man weighs 4.5 pounds, and made completely from plastic.



He etched the title purely by hand, in the middle of the night.



The dedication was written in invisible ink!


He put lots of thought into the layout and text spacing of each page, but it’s basically unreadable unless you put a piece of paper behind the current page.


The binding was all hand-sewn from the side with fishing line.



The creator of this one of a kind piece added: “I considered using a clear epoxy for the cleaner look but didn‚Äôt have the budget or time to try it, and it would have interfered with the book lying flat. A die cutter would have been nice as well. And living hinges with a more flexible cover material… and printing in UV ink so it‚Äôs clear without a blacklight… and clearer transparencies… and holographic title etching…”

Woah there, that’s dedication!

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