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This Snow Melted Off the Cabin Roof in a VERY Strange Way

When reddit user Meikami‘s uncle took a picture of the snow melting off their cabin’s roof, he captured a unique phenomenon that only happens under the correct conditions. The snow actually melted in a manner resembling the action of of glacier, just on a much small scale. This is some awesome science in action!

This snow melted off the cabin roof in a very strange way…


It’s actually a phenomenon resembling the action of glaciers…


The snow slowly moves on a layer of melting ice in contact with the roof…

Sometimes roof-glaciers will be only a foot long…


It’s just warm enough to move, but not enough to melt completely.


Sometimes they will even curl as they develop…


But this massive roof-glacier takes the cake! Wow!


This is so cool! Science in action! I’d love to see a time-lapse photo of this wave of snow slowly sliding off the roof, and solidifying into a taffy-like ribbon.

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