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This Failed Panorama is Actually Awesome

Ever use your smartphone to take a panoramic photo? Sometimes they don’t come out the way you expect… and sometimes the results are nothing short of amazing!

This guy took a panorama photo and moved the camera while taking it. The results? Awesome.

via reddit

Failed panoramas due to camera movement happen more often than you think… Notice anything special about this school bus?


And this dog is either in the middle of a panorama fail, or it has serious spinal issues.


… and this baby appears to have two faces…


But this is my favorite of all time: this girl took a panorama photo at a concert and the lights changed in the middle of it… Very cool!

via reddit

Failed panoramas often turn out to be far more interesting than most successful ones. You can create some crazy effects while pivoting the camera! Keep your eyes out for this. I expect we’ll see more of these photos in the coming days.

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