I Didn’t Think an Elephant with a Prosthetic Leg Could Make Me Cry… And yet Here I Am…

If you need a pick me up with today’s depressing news, check out the story of Motala, the 50-year-old elephant who received a very special prosthetic leg. It warmed my heart to witness her inspiring journey to recovery.

One day while walking in the forest, this 50-year old Elephant named Motala stepped on a land mine and lost her leg…

Eyes of Thailand

She bravely walked for three days, with tears streaming down her face, to arrive at the FAE Animal Hospital, where the doctors took care of her immediately.

Eyes of Thailand

After years of rehabilitation, she was given a prosthetic leg to walk on…

Eyes of Thailand

… and it took some getting used to, but now Motala is walking on her new leg!

Motala’s story is just one example of the tragic reality of land mines. They just sit and wait for someone to walk upon them. Land mines do not discriminate between soldiers, children, or even elephants.

But the fact the Motala was able to receive a prosthetic leg is a silver lining and a truly heart-warming story.

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