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Magical Long Exposure Photos of Firefly Trails

Vincent Brady captured something simply amazing during his summer in the Ozarks: the beauty of firefly trails. By using long exposure photo techniques, he brought to life the evening dance of the fireflies, when the day becomes dim, and the sun begins the fade… that’s when these tiny little creatures come out to play.

Vincent Brady has a fascination for fireflies, so he spent last summer photographing them with a long exposure lens. The results will transport you back to a mystical time of childhood nostalgia.


Vincent Brady

He takes his photos just after sunset, when the light is starting to dim, and the fireflies come out to play.


Vincent Brady

By leaving the camera shutter open for a longer period of time, he captures the trails of light from swarms of fireflies.


Vincent Brady

Fireflies are actually communicating with each other by lighting up, and these photos capture the beautiful patterns of their little buggy conversations.


Vincent Brady

Sometimes, the stars come out as well.


Vincent Brady

Anyone who has ever chased a fire fly can relate: these photos are pure childhood magic.


Vincent Brady

Just looking at these photos brings up so many fond memories! We used to catch fireflies in a jar with tiny holes in the lid to let them breath. We’d use the jars as night lights, and then release the bugs to freedom in the morning. What makes these photos so special is the way they bring back that sense of awe and wonder at the world. And that’s something we can all use a little more of these days.

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