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First Flight: Baby Ducks Leave the Nest for the First Time

This might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. This photo is an incredible once in a lifetime shot of baby Goldeneye Ducks leaving the nest for the first time. Look at their little wings! Squeee! It’s so cute I can’t handle it.


These migratory birds all go through an initial rite of passage - at some point, they must leave the nest. Generations upon generations have started their first flight in the same way: with a terrifying tumble, and a miraculously soft landing.

I can’t get over how cute these little guys are! And so fearless. According to wikipedia, these little guys are born and then leave the nest after only 24-36 hours!

If only I could go about my own life with the same level of trust that the outcome will be just fine. Nature truly has endless inspiration for us humans!

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