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This Escape Slide Discovered After a Fire Looks Both Fun and Terrifying!

These pics were posted on Reddit today showing an escape slide built during the cold war nuclear bomb scare. It was later hidden and went undiscovered until a fire in 1995. Today it’s accessible to the public, but I don’t know if I want to try it out myself!

This escape slide in Taiwan was discovered after a fire in 1995.



The twisting slide goes down over 100 feet below ground, to a bomb shelter built after the discovery of the atom bomb.



Okay… that person is just a little creepy!



Watch this TV reporter go down the slide… it sounds both fun and terrifying!

The space at the bottom of the slide contains a 1400 square feet bunker, with 70 rooms, each of them 40 square feet, with walls 5 feet thick. Part of me wants to explore this site, and to ride the slide for fun… But another part of me is totally creeped out!

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