This Video of Lava Spilling into the Ocean Will Leave You Both Terrified and Oddly Satisfied

In the modern era of GoPro cameras, there is a whole subculture of lava enthusiasts whose sole mission in life is to get as close to lava flows as possible without burning the camera into a molten mess of plastic and metal. Kawika Singson managed to get his camera close enough to witness this lava flowing directly into the ocean, and the results are fascinating to watch.

I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to actually be that close to something so hot and terrifyingly dangerous. It blows my mind that he was able to stand so close to capture this footage, and especially near something so notoriously unpredictable as ocean waves! No thanks, I think I’ll stay here where it’s nice and safe and I’m not instantly bursting into flames. But I’m glad people like Kawika are out there to bravely film things like this for us. :)

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