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This Couple Found a Broken Old iMac at a Garage Sale… and THIS Is What They Made

This might be the coolest thing I’ve seen all day: these folks took old broken iMac computers and turned them into the most adorable cat beds you’ve ever seen. Can’t you just imagine your own cat curled up in one of these?

Miles and Aimee Harrison found a perrrfect use for old iMac computers…


Miles & Aimee Harrison

After removing the monitor and processor, the iMac shell makes great cat bed!


Miles & Aimee Harrison

It’s truly a throne for the ruler of the house…


Miles & Aimee Harrison

They make some cat beds with wheels to move around the house…


Miles & Aimee Harrison

The inside is padded with custom-shaped pillows…


Miles & Aimee Harrison

The verdict? This cat loves her new bed.


Miles & Aimee Harrison

The old iMacs came is tons of different colors…


Miles & Aimee Harrison

If I see an old iMac at a yard sale, I know what I’m doing next!


Miles & Aimee Harrison

This is such a great idea! When asked about their designs, Aimee said, “Miles is always coming up with new ways to use old things. We’re very passionate about all of our creations and we hope you are too!”

I’m definitely impressed. This is something I’d love to try at home! Can you see your cat in one of these?

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