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The Cat Who Was Kicked in That Viral Video Has Been Adopted!

You may have seen the disgusting video that surfaced a few months ago, of a man kicking a poor defenseless cat. Well, we have good news to report. The man responsible has been arrested, and the cat has found a new home!

Last month, this video went viral showing an awful man in Brooklyn brutally kicking a cat, and then laughing about it. He tricked the cat into approaching, and when he was close enough, he kicked it as hard as he could.

The stomach-churning video shows the cat go flying over a nearby fence.

After kicking the cat, this heartless jerk smiles for the camera, while his friends laugh and cheer.

With the help of the outraged internet, the man in the video was later identified as Andre Robinson, 21. He was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

The cat (named King) sustained some tissue injuries after flying twenty feet into the air. He was treated by the ASPCA and has made a successful recovery.

Just two days ago he was made available for adoption. Unsurprisingly, this playful kitten was adopted immediately.

Here’s wishing this 1-year-old cat a long and happy life in his new home!

Unfortunately, not all cases of animal cruelty have such happy internet-justice endings. Every year, thousands of cases of cat and dog abuse occur.

This is one lucky cat, and we are very glad to see him now safely in a new home, in the loving hands of someone who will give him the companionship he deserves! (And we’re also glad to see that idiot in handcuffs!)

Via: Reddit

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