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This is One Massive 3D String Jungle Gym.

A Croatian-Austrian artist designed this massive inflatable jungle-gym from a 3D network of strings, allowing visitors to climb, explore, or potential hang themselves by falling. Take a look:

This massive Jungle Gym is made up of a 3D grid of strings.


Visitors can climb and explore the 3D space.


The strings are held in tension by the inflated air.


They can support the weight of multiple bodies at once.


I don’t want to think about what would happen if you slipped and fell.


The whole thing is powered by a air flow system.


When it deflates, the 3D grid collapses.


It’s probably a death-trap, but it also looks incredibly fun!


It doesn’t take long to imagine the potential lawsuits if someone tries this in the United States. There’s no way this complies with federal safety guidelines… But at the same time, I totally want to try it out!

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