These Birds Seduce Females Using Interior Decoration.

This is one of those things you have to see to believe. Male Bower Birds are so desperate for attention for the opposite sex, they build these elaborate nests with incredible color palettes. The crazy thing is, sometimes they end up using trash and garbage to create beautiful works of art! The result are mind-blowing.

This nest is built by a male Bower Bird.


Bower Birds don’t rely on the plumage like other birds. Instead, they attract females using interior decoration.


The more spectacular the display, the more likely they are to attract a parter to mate with.


They don’t always use blue… Sometimes they use white. Like these shells.


They choose their colors based on what color they think will give them a better chance of seducing a female.


All these objects are brought and carefully arranged by the males.


Sometimes they will use whatever they find in their surroundings.


Everything has to be properly arranged, to show them off well.


This is truly one of the wonders of the natural world!


These truly remarkable birds have become renowned for their unique courtship behavior. There’s something strangely human about males building a structure and decorating it with sticks and brightly colored objects in an attempt to attract females. Ever seen the way a man cleans his apartment when he thinks he might be bringing a date over?

Check out this video by David Attenborough explaining their behavior.

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