13 Haunting Photos from the Pontiac Silverdome, Former Home to the Detroit Lions

The Pontiac Silverdome was once the crown jewel of Detroit, a massive stadium holding 80,000 screaming fans for the Super Bowl, the Rolling Stone, The Who, and Led Zeppelin. Now it is completely abandoned, left to decay in the elements. Photographer Johnny Joo recently explored the empty stadium, and his photos are simply stunning.

This is the view from the luxury box at the Pontiac Silverdome.


Johnny Joo

This used to be the home of the Detroit Lions, but now it is completely abandoned.


Johnny Joo

Photographer Johnny Joo recently explored the abandoned stadium with some of his friends.


Johnny Joo

Their photos capture the decaying state of what was once a majestic stadium.


Johnny Joo

The Detroit Silverdome once hosted the Super Bowl and the Rolling Stones.


Johnny Joo

The roof collapsed in 2013, and you can see where the giant metal cables snapped through everything in their path, including rows of chairs.


Johnny Joo

The facility is dangerous, but that didn’t stop Johnny and his friends from exploring it from top to bottom.


Johnny Joo

This used to be the broadcast booth. Now all the equipment is gone.


Johnny Joo

This field used to be covered in astroturf. Now it collects rain water.


Johnny Joo

Yellow caution tape does little to prevent explorers from reaching all areas.


Johnny Joo

“I found myself taken away by such a large-scale destruction surrounding me in each and every way,” said Johnny.


Johnny Joo

“While a mossy carpet sat at my feet, I stared through an open panel, welcoming the cold winter breeze to my face, chilling my skin as I study the destruction below.”


Johnny Joo

“The silence was so great; you could almost hear the screaming of fans in the howling and whistling of each strong wind.”


Johnny Joo

Looking back on his experience of exploring the abandoned Silverdome, photographer Johnny Joo says “As I found myself balancing at the tip-top edge of this stadium’s roof, I looked out across the skyline, and though I knew there was life outside these walls, the world felt quiet and empty. I was on top of the empty world.”

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