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15 More Things That Look Like Other Things

Have you ever looked at an everyday object long enough that you see a smiling face or a little person?

There is a term for this phenomenon: It’s called Pareidolia, and it’s a trick that our brains play on us. We are evolutionarily hard-wired to see faces where they don’t exist. Go ahead, stare at these 15 pics, and see if your brain plays tricks on you!

Ahhh!!! Take it out of my eye!!!

OMG! I’m so excited!

Can you get this tomato off my foot? It’s slowing me down.

French Fry Duck

USB Drive? Or one of those Royal British Guards?

There is a face hidden in the sleeves of these shirts.

Google’s new self-driving car… Nice face!

Like a happy little snail… :)

Look closely… See the tiny Dandelion man?

A bird pooped on this car in the shape of a bird pooping on a car!

Tie-down attachment is entirely too happy about life…

Evil Storm Trooper Accordian

Surveillance Camera Man is ready for anything…

Popcorn Kernel Turtle

I’m so happy to be a stick!

So cool! I’m already looking around my room and I’m starting to see things that look like other things… They’re everywhere!

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