14 Embarrassing Photos of People Who THOUGHT They Met Someone Famous

Sometimes, you think you’ve met a celebrity, and you post pictures on Facebook or Twitter, only to learn later that you were seriously mistaken. Here are 14 embarrassing pictures of people meeting who they thought were celebrities.

These poor unsuspecting people thought that Peter Dinklage just bought them drinks…

And this woman thought she met Dwight Howard… Until he responded to tell her she was wrong!

This girl on Facebook swore she just met Macklemore.

“I just got day drunk with George Clooney!”

“OMG We just saw Matt Damon!”

This guy thinks he just met Jake Gylenhaal…

“Just met Mike Tyson… He says he loves me!”

“I finally met Chris Pratt!”

“OMG! I just met Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine!”

These girls thought they met Bill Murray.

“I met Matthew McConaughey!”

“I met Michael Phelps at a frat party!”

“OMG! I just met Cam from Modern Family!”

OMG! It’s Ellen!

To be fair, that last one was actually an Ellen look-alike, hired by the show for a skit they were filming… But the rest of those people should know better!

Share these photos as a public service warning to all your friends… Don’t let your friends make the same mistake these people did! 🙂

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