It Only Took 10 Years for the Summer Olympics Stadiums in Greece to Turn into THIS…

These photos of the abandoned Olympic facilities in Greece just ten years after the 2004 Summer Olympics blew me away. It was only ten years ago when these facilities were built. And now look at them:

This is the abandoned Olympic Aquatic Centre just 10 years after the Greece Olympics.

The beach volleyball arena now has palm trees growing in the sand.

This is what the baseball arena looks like…

Many seats were stolen from the arena…

… and vandalism covers the Olympic village.

You wouldn’t want to swim in the Olympic pool…

… and this is the former canoe slalom track.

The canoe course sits empty without water, completely unused.

It’s sad what happened to the Olympic village, considering all the millions of dollars that were spent.

What a disgraceful waste! But there is something hauntingly beautiful about these photos. It reminds us that nothing lasts forever. And I think that’s something worth sharing.

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