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This Woman Creates the Most Colorful Origami Street Art

There’s a special street artist from Paris, France – she makes amazing street installations using thousands of folded paper origami creations.  Her name is Mademoiselle Maurice, and her playful pieces are nothing short of brilliant:

This colorful street art is the work of Mademoiselle Maurice, an origami artist.

Instead of working in museums, she practices her craft in the streets for all to enjoy.

Originally from France, she learned Origami in Japan.

Her creations combine thousands of folded paper shapes, taking days to make and assemble.

She was in Tokyo during the earthquake of 2011, and those tragic events inspired her work.

Her goal is to break the monotony of urban living…

… to bring a “carousel of emotion” to those who see her work.

Some of Mademoiselle Maurice’s street art installations require so much effort that she has worked with local schools and organizations, relying on volunteer help from hundreds, to fold the thousands of paper creations.

I love how this brings a community aspect into the process of making these beautiful works color. You can see more on her website.

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