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15 Incredible Photos of Things Cut in Half

Ever wondered what the inside of a camera lens looks like? Ever thought it would be cool to see the insides of a motorcycle helmet? If you’ve never been curious enough to actually cut something in half, now you can see for yourself, in these 15 interesting photos of things cut in half. The last one simply blows my mind!

A Leica Camera Lens Cut in Half

Jawbreaker Candy Cut in Half

17 Golf Balls Cut in Half

Fragmentation Grenade Cut in Half

15 Different Types of Bullets Cut in Half

Piñata Cut in Half

Motorcycle Helmet Cut in Half

Canon 1Ds Camera with 400mm Lens Cut in Half

A Piece of Wood Used to Mix Paint for 50 Years Cut in Half

Engine Cut in Half

Colgate Toothpaste Tube Cut in Half

Photocopy Machine Cut in Half

Turtle Cut in Half

Airplane Cut in Half

A Tree Cut in Half… Reveals a Golf Ball Cut in Half!

That last photo is truly incredible. How did a golf ball get wedged into the center of tree, and then how did it grow around it, and then how did they cut at just the right place to see it?

If they had cut ever so slightly higher or lower, they would have missed the ball completely and not even known it was there… Simply amazing!

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