16 Rooms With a View You’ll Wish You Had

Sometimes the difference between an average room and a perfect room is what’s OUTSIDE the room, not just what’s inside. These 16 rooms with a view offer some of the most incredible sights to see from the comfort of being indoors. Be warned, and be careful when looking at these pics. You’ll probably want to spend your life savings to book your overnight flight to some of these locations tomorrow!

This room with fantastic mountain views is located in Zermatt, Switzerland.


This room actually has two views for the price of one: the window and the bathtub!


Can you imagine watching the Aurora Borealis from this room?


I want to stay in this room with a view of the Austrian Alps…


This beautiful attic room has a great Cape Cod view…


I can’t even imagine staying in the room with a view of Hyde Park, London…


This beautiful living room has a great view of the rolling hills of Virginia…


I’d love to stay in this room in Las Vegas, with amazing view of the Strip…


Wow! I’d love to visit this room with a view in Cape Yamu, Thailand…


This room has the best possible view of Jade Mountain in St. Lucia.


What an awesome view to have from your living room!


This room has an incredible view of Amangiri, Utah… - intérieur maisons design

This room in Idaho has a wall that opens up completely!


This room with a view has an awesome vantage point to plan your next ski adventure…


OMG… I want to go there right now!


And here’s one last room with a what might be the best view of all… from the International Space Station.


I’m looking out my own window right now, and it doesn’t look anything like any of these rooms… and if you’re anything like me, you’ll never look at a window the same way again!

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