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21 Oddly Satisfying Pics of Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things

There is something strangely gratifying about finding objects that fit perfectly inside other objects. If you’ve ever discovered that a box fits perfectly in a closet, or a sandwich fits perfectly on your plate, you know this feeling. Now, in these 21 photos, the most oddly satisfying real-life examples of this phenomenon are here in one place. And if you think about it, the last one is the most astounding. Check it out:

This Cruise Ship Fits Perfectly in the Corinth Canal, Greece.

This mattress fits perfectly in this closet door.

The wind caught this door, and this was the perfect outcome… after a cringe!

These pills fit perfectly in this container.

“Finally found out what that slot in my car was for…”

Plate, bowl, and two grilled cheese sandwiches, fitting perfectly.

Toucan fitting perfectly in a tree.

LEGOs fit perfectly in wall repair.

“Dropped my Gatorade cap, looked down and saw this perfect fit.”

“Rested my crutches against the wall outside my apartment only to discover a perfect fit!”

Black electrical tape fits perfectly inside duct tape.

Two kittens fit perfectly in bowls.

Boxes fit perfectly in a truck.

Dog fits in a garden planter.

Vacuum fits perfectly in corner of kitchen.

“This nickel fits perfectly in this stapler. I’ve just kept it there.”

This iPhone 4 and MacBook Air… Perfect Fit!

Tomato fits perfectly in a fence.

“My wife’s wedding ring fits perfectly inside mine.”

Car crashes into light well. Fits Perfectly.

Moon fits perfectly in front of the sun.

That last one is actually the most astounding of them all: The sun is 400 times larger than the moon, but it’s also precisely 400 times farther away. If that ratio wasn’t exactly the same, the sun and moon wouldn’t line up perfectly, and we wouldn’t be able to witness the most amazing of spectacles – the total lunar eclipse of the sun. That’s something incredible worth sharing.

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