What This Norwegian Guy Did to Rescue a Duck Trapped under the Ice…

This short story of a duck trapped under the surface of the ice could have ended badly, but thanks to this cheerful Norwegian man who didn’t mind getting cold and wet, this duck can live to swim for another day!

This duck had somehow gotten stuck under the ice, and couldn’t find his way to the surface. He was completely disoriented and swimming upside down, quickly running out of air.


Thinking quickly, this Norwegian man stripped off his clothes, and dove into the water, breaking the surface of the ice…


He swam back to the shore, and placed the little guy safely on the river bank…


The duck was a bit confused about what had happened…


… in the end, the duck came out perfectly fine, and was released back into the wild, away from the ice, all thanks to this hero!


Sometimes you just have to see a cute little story like this to help you remember that there are good people in this world, and that some stories do have happy endings!

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