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These Newlyweds Were Having a Lonely Honeymoon… until a Total Stranger Made Their Day!

This is one of those stories that just makes you smile. When this couple went on their honeymoon, they had to take photos of each other, so they were never in the same picture. They posted their photos online, and what happened in response is one of those things that will restore your faith in humanity.

Yesterday, a user posted photos with the caption “My husband and I are too awkward to ask strangers to take our picture.”

He said: “Our vacations always look very lonely.”

A few hours later, a complete stranger posted these photos in response…

…and then other users started posting responses of their own…

“Now we actually look like we’re on our honeymoon together.

This new couple was so happy with the results they just had to post them and say thanks to these complete strangers. As he said it:

Imgur’s community is pretty great. So many people here are willing to do something for a stranger to improve their day. I just thought I’d share and give credit to these people for their help!

See? The internet isn’t always bad… Sometimes the online community can be a very friendly place, with kindness where you least expect it!

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