Brave 10 Year-Old Girl Attempts Her First Ski Jump.

I can’t even begin to imagine the thoughts that were running through 10 year-old Zia Terry’s mind as she stood at the top of this ski jump for the very first time. Looking down at the steep slope, picturing what you’re about to do, and asking yourself: “Can I really do this? Will I make it? Am I brave enough to face this?”

When the members of the US Women’s Ski Jumping Team saw this video, they were so moved that they invited Zia to the Olympic Park in Park City to meet them in person.

“We just wanted to thank you for showing over a million people what it’s like to ski jump.. and having the courage to do that. So we’d like to make you’re an honorary junior team member,” said first-ranked women’s ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson.

And with that, the group gave her the honorary ski jacket to be one of them for that moment. Because all the members at one time shared the same experience of being on top of that hill for the first time, terrified to hit that jump full speed.  – Source

This is such a great example of facing up to your feelings, overcoming your fears, and taking a leap of faith. Wow! Go Zia!

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