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This Guy Has Been Drawing on His Son’s Lunch Bags Every Day for 2 Years

Wow, this is one awesome Dad! Every day, Bryan Dunn draws a new picture on his son’s lunch bag to take to school. These are some seriously awesome lunch bags, and he is one seriously lucky kid. Check it out:

Bryan Dunn has been drawing on his son’s lunch bags every day for two years…

His son just finished the first grade, and Bryan has uploaded some of his favorite bags to Tumblr.

Bryan says he draws all the time, and he decided the bags were good practice.

It’s a difficult material to work on, and it motivates him to keep doing something different every day.

He spends about an hour on each bag…

He draws them during lunch, and then colors them in while watching TV in the evening.

Sometimes his son makes specific requests…

…and sometimes it’s just whatever random image comes to mind.

At first, he assumed his son would just throw them away after lunch…

… but now all his friends ask to keep them, so he usually gives them away.

Even his art teacher has asked to keep some of them, and has them posted on the classroom wall.

Bryan makes his living as an artist and illustrator, so what might seem like a waste of time to some parents is just part of a normal day for him.

Bryan is one awesome father!

This is such an inspiring example of how every parent can find a special way to connect with their kids! We may not all be able to draw like Bryan, but we can still find a way to show our kids that we love them, in our own unique way.

Source: Bryan Dunn

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