Awesome Technology: 3D Sugar Printers

Here’s yet another sign that we are living in the future: 3D Systems has come out with a new line of 3D Printers that can literally print custom shapes using sugar as a medium. This means no more boring sugar cubes – you can now have sugar in complex polyhedra, concave anti-prisms, infinity loops, and other fun Archimedean solids.

Everything you see on this page was made with a 3D Printer…

… using nothing but sugar!

Being just sugar, it’s completely edible…

But it would almost be a shame to eat these creations!

They can also be dissolved in coffee or tea…

… or just placed on display in an art gallery!

The makers of this machine are marketing it as the “must-have companion for the professional baker, cake master, and high-end event and restaurateur.” Once these 3D Sugar Printers become affordable for the average consumer, I plan on getting one for my kitchen. But I wonder… do they make 3D Printed cavity fillings to go with it? 🙂

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