23 High Performance Cars Left Abandoned at the Dubai Airport

When’s the last time you forgot where your $250,000 luxury sports car was parked? Happens all the time, right? Well, apparently it does happen all the time in Dubai. There are literally thousands of abandoned high performance sports cars left abandoned to the elements in Dubai.

If you visit the airport parking lot in Dubai, you might think your eyes are playing tricks on you…

There are hundreds of high performance sports cars forgotten and abandoned in Dubai, left to the elements.

Cars worth $250,000 just left in the parking lot, never to be reclaimed.

Why are so many luxury cars left abandoned?

The reason is actually pretty simple…

Thousands of foreigners moved to Dubai in the early 2000’s, attracted by the promise of ludicrously high-paying jobs.

These westerners ran up insane lines of credit, living lavish lifestyles during the boom times in Dubai.

But when the economy crashed in 2009, many of these wealthy Europeans suddenly found themselves in deep debt, and bankrupt.

In Dubai, prison sentences are notoriously harsh, and you can even go to jail for simply being too deep in debt or going into bankruptcy.

So when times got hard, many foreigners headed directly for the airport, fleeing the country, leaving their luxury cars to rust in the airport parking lot.

Many cars have been found with maxed out credit cards and apology notes left inside them.

For those who left, it’s understandable. For the rest of us, who will never be able to afford these cars, it’s definitely a spectacle worth seeing.

These cars left behind by foreigners fleeing jail time for bankruptcy are a stark illustration of how bad things got when the stock market crashed in 2009. They also raise the question: how can I get my hands one of these cars myself? I’ll gladly take one!

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