15 Creative Ideas for DIY Easter Decorations

Remember decorating Easter eggs as a kid? I can still recall the mornings I spent in the kitchen with my mom dyeing eggs in springtime. This Easter, if you’re looking for a fun activity, try a few of these creative ideas for decorating Easter eggs!

1. Dip Easter Egg in Sprinkles

2. Wrap Easter Eggs in Embroidery Thread

3. Print on eggs using Dried Flowers and Boiling Onions

4. Embroider empty eggs using a Dremel

5. Wrap eggs in old ties, then boil in vinegar water!

6. Take a loose-knit crocheted shirt, and wrap an easter egg in it!

7. Add more water to the dye each time you dip!

8. Use watercolor paint and colored pencils to decorate eggs.

9. Draw with permanent marker Sharpies!

10. Decorate with strips of masking tape!

11. Glue small seeds, nuts, and pasta onto eggs.

12. Mustaches from black electrical tape!

13. Use a different layer of tape under each layer of dye!

14. Cover eggs in lace before dipping into dye.

15. Using a tea and soy mixture, create marbled eggs!

A warning about the sprinkle-eggs: they aren’t supposed to be eaten! Hope you enjoyed these creative ideas for decorating Easter eggs. If you like these ideas, click below to share with your friends!

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