13 Zookeepers Recreating That Famous Scene From Jurassic World

This might be the greatest meme of all time. Zookeepers around the world are recreating the famous scene from Jurassic World in which Chris Pratt herds a trio of velociraptors while backing toward the camera. Even if you aren’t one of the apparently gazillion people who saw Jurassic World on opening weekend, you’ve surely noticed this iconic scene in the trailer.

Now zookeepers around the world have taken to recreating the exact move with their own animals and posting to Twitter and Instagram. The results are simply incredible. Here are few of our favorites:

After the story of this meme first broke on, actor Chris Pratt himself took notice and tweeted “This is absolutely awesome! 😀😀😀#ZoorassicWorld.”

Whether you’re herding raptors or herding penguins, Zookeeping is hard work. These hardworking folks dedicate their lives to taking care of some of the most incredible animals on our planets, and they deserve every bit of the attention this trend has given them!

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